Treatment of special floors

Cooked, parquet, gres

The special floor is very delicate and should be protected from any indelible stains, our aim is to maintain the original aesthetic finish making it immune from the attacks of substances such as coffee, oils and detergents.

The first step is an accurate washing of the surface to make the pores of the material clean with particular solvents and state-of-the-art machinery, the second stage is waxing or waterproofing the surface with vegetable or water-repellent oils that guarantee an impregnating power.
Another good treatment is waxes that create good resistance and act as an anti-wear for surface spots. the whole thing is then rinsed with special machinery as a single brush.
In addition, for terracotta floors used for dining rooms or dinners, water-repellent treatments are carried out that preserve the surface from food and grease to the maximum.

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